Dance Outreach Programs

Benita Bike's DanceArt has a long history of presenting dance outreach programs in community sites. These performances awaken people to the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual value of dance by presenting modern dance works in a non-intimidating fashion – simply showing the work and clearly and engagingly explaining how the work came into being. A typical outreach program includes the performance of 2-3 dances, introductory information about each dance, and many opportunities for artists and audience members to talk about dance performance and dance making.

Audience Feedback

"The show was great! Amazing performers, music is great, and they were able to tell a story without using words but with their body."

"Thank you so much! Wonderful, wonderful work. I’m not a dancer so I really appreciated the entire discussion and feel like I learned something. I particularly loved seeing/hearing about how some of the dances came to be or evolved over time."

"Strong dancers, choreography followed a theme, professional and informative."

"I enjoyed being able to interact with the dancers afterward to understand each dancer since this is a first time viewing this."

Students watch Tiffany perform in the Oldham County Schools outside of Louisville, KY.
(Photo by Michael Clevenger, The Courier-Journal)

Benita taking a question from an audience member at an outreach program

DanceArt Company performing Renaissance 5 in Culver City, CA

Dancers taking questions at the end of their performance