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Current Repertory


Trudy Niess, Clare Kiklowicz, Liza Barskaya and Sarah Gertler in Plugged

photo by Bari Lee


Nola Gibson and Skye Schmidt in Benches

photo by Dean Wallraff

Griot Songs

Skye Schmidt and Lydia Marie McDonald in Griot Songs

photo by Dean Wallraff

Schoenfield Dances

Liza Barskaya, Trudy Niess, Sarah Gertler, Clare Kiklowicz and Rachele Donofrio in Schoenfield Dances

photo by Dean Wallraff

In the Garden

Elizabeth Alexander, Dominique Lyons, Jeanna Riscigno, Sarah Cook and Clare Kiklowicz in In the Garden

photo by Dean Wallraff

On Beat 3

Clare Kiklowicz and Linnea Snyderman in On Beat 3

photo by Doug Kiklowicz

Past Repertory

Eternal Encounter

Tiffany Jones and Teya Wolvington in Eternal Encounter

photo by Elazar Harel


Tiffany Jones, Tara Mosier and Carlene Lai in Overlapping

photo by Dean Wallraff

A Few American Songs

Carlene Lai in A Few American Songs

photo by Dean Wallraff

For Rose

Rachele Donofrio and Dominique Lyons in For Rose

photo by Doug Kiklowicz

Southern Memories

Denai Lovrien in Southern Memories

photo by Dean Wallraff

Gottschalk Dances

E. Shannon Haik, Rebecca Levy, Tara Mosier and Carlene Lai in Gottschalk Dances

photo by Dean Wallraff


Carmel Cheney, Tara Mosier, Hilary Thomas, Carlene Lai and Elizabeth Opperman in Bloomers!

photo by Dean Wallraff